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Why Choosing 48V for Communication Equipment?

March 12, 2018

Latest company news about Why Choosing 48V for Communication Equipment?

-Q: Many people have a common question when they use communication device, why choosing 48V for communication equipment?

-A: The answer of the expert is mainly based on the following three points:

1. Historical reasons.

2. Corrosion resistance of ground wire.

3. Safety factors.


The early wired telephones use the "common electricity mode". The power of telephone is uniformly supplied by telephone line of telephone bureau switchboard, and the telephone line plays the role of power supply, sending voice, ringing, on/off-hook the signal and so on. In the early stage, the power of the telephone bureau used by lead-acid battery original, the material and structure are suitable at that time, the basic voltage (single battery voltage) is a multiple of 1.2V, and then according to the ability of equipment components and circuits, ensure that the city has a far distance communication and security. The positive pole of power connect with ground is 48V (or 60V), so the system is -48V to the ground.


The reason of using negative power is to protect the metal materials used for telecommunication transmission lines. When the positive power is grounded, the positive ions in the metal material flow to the interior due to the function of the electrochemistry, and the material is not easy to be corroded; however, when the negative power is grounded, the metal will be quickly corroded by the flow of positive ions to the outside. So up to now, not only is the exchange board, but all the bureau equipment is grounded by the positive power of the power supply, and the voltage value that people can reach is -48V or -53V.


Why called -48V, this can be seen from using a battery when the power supply equipment being in trouble, the voltage of a single largest capacity battery is 2V, and each group is connected by 24 batteries, So the exchange board power supply voltage is accustomed to use 48V for a long time, this is for the purpose of protection that the charge accumulated on the equipment is quickly released to the earth, which will not damage the equipment and staff.


48VDC Outdoor Solar Telecom Power System Newest 48VDC Outdoor Solar Power System provide reliable long back uo power supply for outdoor installation telecom equipments, IP55 protection degree, with fine dust-proof and water-proof.

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